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TSN Contest Isomatrix

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Tejaswa Contest Isomatrix High Profile Protein For Contest Preparation, High Amount of L-Glutamine and BCAA added, Fast Absorbing Anti Catabolic Premium Quality Drink, Flavor(Pinapple)
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Supplement Description

The early morning protein supplement is designed to recuperate the muscles rapidly which have craving for protein. Hence it prevents the muscles from falling into a catabolic stage. The pure whey protein concentrate enriched with BCAA and L-Glutamine in contest isomatrix is absorbed into the body fast, transporting amino acids into muscle fibers to begin the repair and rebuilding process . This blend of specially processed whey protein has proved to be very valuable to p[professional bodybuilders during contest preparation.

Suppliment Facts:
NUTRITION FACTS                                                            PROPRIETARY FOOD
Serving Size 33 g (1 Scoop)                                             Serving per Container:  15
Calories per Serving : 119                                                 Calories from Fat : 3
Calories from Protein : 105                                                Calories from Carbohydrate : 11
                      Amount per Serving             % Daily Value
Protein               26.4 g                                25.1%
Total Fat            0.3 g                                 1.2%
Cholesterol           0 g                                  0%
Carbohydrate        2.9 g                                 8%
Vitamin C              67 mg                            15.2%
                            Amount per Serving                    % Daily Value
Potassium                    49 mg                              0.8%
Magnesium                  24 mg                               4.8%
Calcium                       73 mg                                  2%
Sodium                       33 mg                                 0.9%
Zinc                             1.66 mg                               5.5%
Typhical Amino Acid Profile Per Serving(33 G)
Essential Amino Acid                                        Essential Amino Acid                                                                            
L-Histdine               404 mg                              
L-Isoleucine            1774mg                           
L-Leucine                3357 mg
L-Lysine                 2161 mg                                    
DL-Methionine         380 mg                                   
L-Cystein                  553 mg 
L-Aspartic Acid         1822 mg     
L-Threonine              1486 mg
L-Alanine                   967 mg
L-Phanylalanine         812 mg                    
L-Tyrosin                       604 mg                              
L-Arginine                      679 mg                                
L-Tryptohan                    381 mg
L-Valine                          1658 mg                                    
Non- Essential Amino Acids
L-Glutamic Acid               3044 mg 
L-Glutamic#                     4132 mg
Glycine                             438 mg
L-Proline                          995 mg
L-Serine                          811 mg                                                
Calories Per Gram:  Protein-4,   Carbohydrate -4,   Fat-9
Ingredents:, Whey Protein Concentrate, Free from L- Guutimine Free from BCAAs,
Vitamin-C, Tri Basic Calcium Phosphate, Alpha Amylase, Soy Lecithin, Sucralose, Natural & Artificaial Flavor and Color.

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